Originally named Laitière de Mauritanie, the dairy started operating in April 1989, with the aim of bridging the gap between good fresh milk available in the countryside and Nouakchotts milk-loving consumers, who only had imported UHT or dried milk and small amounts of raw milk.

Laitière de Mauritanie was the first dairy in West Africa to collect raw milk from herders, with a twist: they were all more or less nomadic.

The first product was Tiviski, fresh pasteurised camel milk in a carton, the first in Africa and almost in the world. Many other firsts followed: El Badia fresh pasteurised cow milk, LOasis cultured cream, and a whole range of world-class dairy products, right up to UHT cow milk in 2002 with a Candia franchise. Caravane camel cheese is still the only one in the world.

Over the years, the mini-dairy – renamed Tiviski – has grown considerably. When demand outgrew the milk supply close to Nouakchott, two collecting centres were set up near pasture in Rosso and Boghé: that is where camel, cow and goat milk collected from hundreds of pastoralists within a 90 km radius is delivered, checked, weighed and chilled, and then carried to Nouakchott in insulated tanker trucks.

Tivisis main driver is our respect for consumers, and therefore we always put


It begins with the quality of the raw material : fresh Mauritanian milk. To this endwe also respect our suppliers and help them to improve their results, besides paying a high price for raw milk.

The next link in production quality involves abiding by HACCP quality control procedures throughout the production process, to ensure each product is excellent.

Our trained all-Mauritanian staff follows stringent international operating procedures, particularly regarding hygiene and cleaning.

Lastly, our salesmen deliver directly to retailers, to make sure our products are properly looked after in shops.

Tiviski is always guided by the aim to contribute to our country progress and prosperity.

We do all we can to supply flawless products.

Any faulty product that may have slipped through our controls is replaced. We therefore welcome any feedback, whether directly or through our retailers.

We are entirely at consumers disposal for any question or complaint.

We are so proud of how we work that we organise visits to the plant on request.