Tiviski is the local name of a pleasant season similar to spring, between February and April, after the cold and before the long, searing hot season.
UHT stands for Ultra High Temperature, indicating that milk has been heated under pressure, in specialised equipment, to a very high temperature.
Never !

Milk is treated simply by heat.
More elaborate products like cultured milk, yoghurts, cultured cream or cheeses are made with first-quality starter cultures, following established procedures.
No preservatives or texture enhancer is used in any Tiviski product.
Due to the big swings in weather and seasons in Mauritania, herders milk deliveries are irregular.
As a result, supply and demand do not always match.
It is one of the difficulties resulting from the decision to use only fresh milk.
Pasteurisation is a mild heat treatment, whereby milk is heated to 75°C and held for 20 seconds, and then chilled immediately. This destroys all pathogens and preserves the useful microflora, most of the vitamins, and importantly the great flavour of raw milk. Absolutely nothing is added. This process enables it to be kept, chilled, for a week.

Milk is sterilised by heating it enough to destroy all micro-organisms in it. This can be achieved by boiling milk for half an hour, or heating it to 135°C for 4 seconds, via the UHT technology, leading to a distinctly improved flavour.

Sterilised milk keeps for a few months at room temperature, away from light.

Raw milk is straight out of the animal. It is brimming with vitamins and benefits, but also comes with a double risk: on one hand a sick animal can transmit some diseases (such as tuberculosis), and on the other hand it is an excellent environment for germs introduced by contaminated air, hands or containers.
No doubt raw milk from a perfectly healthy animal, milked in perfect hygiene conditions, is supreme. However, germs love milk as much as we do, because it provides them with a favorable breeding ground. As a result, there is a risk of catching nasty diseases such as TB, brucellosis, or staphylococcus infections from raw milk.

This is why is advisable to drink only pasteurised or UHT milk. The beneficial qualities in raw milk are only partially impaired by pasteurisation.